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What is the world coming to?



Mondays Dark 

Last night, June 20th 2016, I performed in an evening that showcased classic Rock songs of the 60's/70's at Mark Shunocks' Mondays Dark. The evening benefitted the Habitat for Humanity. What a blast! I sang Touch Me by the Doors. 

Classic Rock is something I love to listen to but very rarely do I think that I would be choosing a song from the cataglogue to sing. Most of the songs are out of my vocal range and my legit style and sound doesn't really fit the casual sensibilities behind classic rock vocals. 

When Mark asked me to participate I immediately thought "I can't sing like that." After choosing not to confine myself to the boxes we all put ourselves in I decided to challenge the boundaries that keep me in my safe vocal bubble and find a tune. Ah! Jim Morrison sang with a full bodied rich and almost legit sound, let's look there. Thank you Jim Morrison for being a baritone in a rock world of super tenors. 

Last night I learned something about myself. I learned to let go. I stepped out on to the Vinyl stage at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and honestly chose not to over think my perfomance, not judge my performance and just have fun. Ends up I took my shirt off, danced around freely and ended up getting a big man smooch from the host in front of the entire audience. Thanks Mark! That caught me off guard and surely took me by surprise.

As I was surfing through Facebook today I saw a video that showcased Idris Elba. He discusssed boundaries and the limitiations we put on ourselves. He proudly explained that he doesn't allow himself to think ahead. He doesn't try to control the result. I need to learn that. I don't intend starting my day off by controlling it but eventually something creeps in where I end up trying to control the result of the day. I grew up thinking that the harder you work the better your results will be. Not true. Now that I'm almost 45 I'm realizing that concentrating on the end result will only make you feel like shit if you don't reach your goals. In many ways this is what Idris Elba was saying. He explained that he has learned to "keep his head down." I guess it keeps him in the moment and allows him to concentrate on the now and not the end result.

Without knowing it...I applied this thinking onstage last night. Who knew that a moment of pure fun and absolute joy could support an ideology that I need to apply more often.

Thanks Monday's Dark. I had a terrific time.







Happy Fathers Day!

My Dad is awesome. What a good man he is. I am so fortunate to have a Dad like him. He loves his family, his wife and his life. 

Thanks for allowing me to dream big Daddy! I am forever grateful.





Gone way too long!

Hello friends and family! It has been quite some time since I've written on this blog. I lost my passcode and for some reason it took forever to sort out getting back into my own site. Stupid I know but things happen. 

Anyway, I'm back and refreshed. Ready to share my adventures with you. Here we go. I am gonna be on here a lot.