Eric Jordan Young played Booker T. Washington in the Off-Broadway production of Ragtime

Ragtime (Kennedy Center)

In this brand-new production of the acclaimed Broadway musical RAGTIME, the Kennedy Center turns back the clock to the start of the 20th century-a time when anything was possible and ragtime music was king! For many, New York City was the land of opportunity. Through a poor Jewish immigrant selling wares on the street, a wealthy Victorian couple offering aid to a runaway, and a Harlem jazz pianist out for justice, that unique brand of American hope runs strong. Together, their stories celebrate the struggle between tradition and and white...old and new...all in pursuit of the American dream. With its cast of vivid characters, vibrant costumes, and Tony Award - winning book and score, RAGTIME was the can't miss theatre event of the Kennedy Center's 2009 spring season.

Eric returned to this familiar show playing Booker T. Washington. In the fall of 2009 this production of RAGTIME moved to Broadway where Eric repeated this role.


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  • Venue: The Kennedy Center
  • Date: April 18th 2009 - May 17th 2009 

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