Eric Jordan Young played Poppa / Electra / Purse in the production of Starlight Express

Starlight Express

Eric joined the Las Vegas company of Starlight Express in the summer of 1994. This high-energy roller-skating spectacle was one of the first musical productions to make a home in Las Vegas. it played at the Las Vegas Hilton on a set where the performers would skate through the audience making the show entirely interactive.

By the time Eric left the production in 1996 he'd played Poppa, Electra, Purse and Espresso. 

The adrenaline rush Eric experienced performing in this production was the ultimate high. Singing, dancing, skating, and racing through a theatre while wearing 25 lbs costumes was the most exhilarating and unique way to perform. 


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  • Venue: Las Vegas Hilton
  • Date: September 1994 to August 1996 

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