Eric Jordan Young played Neal DeLongpre in the Ugly Betty Season 1 Pilot

Ugly Betty

Sure, Ugly Betty is really a comedy about how beauty is only skin deep and how beautiful people can be ugly on the inside, but you know you love watching it to see all the fashionistas spewing ugly truths and insults.

The show centers around the offices of Mode fashion magazine, and Ugly Betty struts its stuff to make the catwalk catty. So even while we're rooting for underdog Betty Suarez to speak her heart and to shine like her gleaming braces, we're sort of waiting for her to get shot down by the sassy counterfire from her foils, Marc St. James and Amanda Tanen Sommers (Michael Urie and Becki Newton). And then there's the power struggle between Mode muckety-mucks Wilhelmina Slater and Daniel Meade (Vanessa Williams and Eric Mabius) that adds to the cutthroat couture.

There's nothing better than watching the Chanel and Versace fly since backstabbing, scheming and mudslinging are clearly in vogue on this show. After all, Ugly Betty is based on a Colombian telenovela. Just don't expect any of those extreme close-up stare-downs that you'd see on a soap on the international channel. If someone on the show has something to say, they won't say it merely with their eyes. They'll just flat-out say it. And they'll say it with style.



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  • ABC Television Pilot
  • First Aired 2007